St. Luke's Foundation

John R. Claypool Scholarship Program
Summary of Significant Provisions

application for the john r. claypool scholarship program

The John R. Claypool Scholarship Fund is a part of and administered by the Saint Luke’s Foundation.  The fund was created for the dual purpose of honoring John Claypool and to provide assistance to deserving students.

A completed criterion will contain the following:
1.  Academic performance in the three years prior to the date of application (this is a chief consideration).
2.  Character, references, and personal information.
3.  Extra-curricular activities and involvement in the community/school/church.
4.  Financial need.
5.  An essay written by the applicant on a book or tape series authored by John Claypool.

A completed application is required for review by the committee.

The fund provides scholarships for undergraduate studies.

Grants are made for a one-year period, but a recipient may receive up to four grants.  Although a student will be required to write a new essay for each grant, the committee anticipates that if a recipient meets certain criteria, maintains a “B” average, writes a new essay each year from the John Claypool selection, and is a contribution to his/her community/church with positive accomplishments.

A member of the Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church Parish must nominate all candidates for a scholarship.  Nomination forms may be obtained from Saint Luke’s Church (871-3583) or download HERE.

A scholarship awards committee consisting of five members of Saint Luke’s Church will select the candidates to whom scholarships will be awarded.

Suggested books include:  Glad Reunion, God Is An Amateur, Mending The Heard, The Preaching Event, Tracks Of A Fellow Struggler, and Stories Jesus Still Tells.

Suggested tape series include:  The Jesus I Would Like You To Know, Saint Paul’s Last, Best Word: A Study of the Epistle to the Ephesians, and How Can We Hope?

The Foundation will make copies of suggested books and tape series available to candidates.

Committee members immediate families are ineligible for scholarships.

Contributions to the fund are invited.  For contribution information contact John Darnall, Chairman of the Saint Luke’s Foundation (714-1012.)