Senior Newsletter : January 2021

Jan 4, 2021 | Founders Place, Saint Luke's Updates, Seniors, Service Opportunities

Dear friends,

Welcome to 2021! I pray that your Christmas season was peaceful and prayerful. As we all transition into a new year with, perhaps, new intentions and attentions, I invite you to consider the opportunities at St. Luke’s for study, worship, volunteering, exercise, and
fellowship. This newsletter has several offerings!
Saint Luke’s staff continues to work hard to operate as fully as possible within
limitations, searching for the ways to say “yes” that honors both the safety and needs of our community. Please utilize the details in this newsletter to connect to the church during the new year. As a reminder:
● The church office hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday.
● The front desk/main number is 205.871.3583
● Every person who enters the building must wear a mask, take temperature, and sign in
● All services are held outside (in the pavilion). As a wise person said, “There is no such
thing as poor weather, just poor clothing choices!”
● Sunday worship services are 7am, 9am, 11am, & 5pm.
● Reservations are encouraged for all services, but not required . If you forget to make a reservation, tough, ATTEND ANYWAY! There is ALWAYS ROOM for one more! Click here to make a reservation for worship.

Onward we press as a community of faith, one that is vital, active, and continuously seeking connection. I hope this newsletter is helpful to you in staying connected with Saint Luke’s in the ways you want and need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions about anything in this letter.

P.S. The Saint Luke’s staff very much appreciated the many expressions of kindness during the holidays from so many parishioners. Thank you!

Susanna Whitsett
Director, Founders Place Respite Ministry & Senior Adult programs liaison 205.802.6217


To contact a priest, please call the front desk Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30. Home communion or individual communion at St. Luke’s is available. For pastoral care emergencies outside of these hours, please call 205-909-5907 and the priest on call will be notified.

Saint Luke’s has a complete directory online. If you would like directions on accessing the directory, please call us! If you need an address or phone number, please do not hesitate to ask! We are more
than happy to assist you in being in touch with another member.


The “E-Dialogue ” is a weekly email from St. Luke’s. It is a VERY HELPFUL source of information that contains service information, the prayer list, updates on events, birth and death announcements, and links to all online services and bible studies. The E-Dialogue is sent on
Tuesday evenings. If you are not receiving the E-Dialogue, please call Stephanie at the front desk (205.871.3583) or send an email to . If you would like to receive a paper copy of the E-Dialogue, please contact Susie Caffey at or

The “Saint Luke’s Kitchen” emails its menu each Friday regarding Wednesday Supper, Casserole sales, and other information about Chef Jimmy’s cooking! To be added to this email list, please contact Stephanie at the front desk (205.871.3583) or send an email to .
The “Friday Lunch” email is sent out every Monday. To be added to this email list, please contact Susanna Whitsett at or 205.802.6218.
Technical assistance is available for those that own a smartphone or computer and want to access Saint Luke’s church services, noon day prayers, Sunday school, or bible study online, but don’t know how. We can help!

The JOY SQUAD (Betsy Owensby and Tim Callahan) are kind and
capable young adults available to give technical assistance to you for email, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, or the online church directory. It’s like renting a grandchild – for free! To schedule an
appointment with the Joy Squad( or request a copy of printed instructions), please contact Susanna Whitsett ( or 802.6217)

SAIL Exercise: Staying Active and Independent in Life
MONDAY & WEDNESDAY (Graham Hall) 8:30-9:30am
SAIL exercise is done in a chair and standing next to a chair. Masks required . Our exercises focus on coordination, balance, and postural alignment. We move to lively music and enjoy our time
together! To reserve your spot, contact Susanna Whitsett ( or 802.6217)

Founders Place is a respite ministry at Saint Luke’s with several opportunities for volunteers such as baking, delivering, home visits, data entry, mailings, craft preparation and more. For further details on
the programs or to learn more about volunteering, please visit the Founders Place page on St. Luke’s website or contact Susanna Whitsett ( or 802.6217)
Outreach Committee contact is Kim Kimberlin. To learn about current outreach opportunities, please contact Kim at 205-529-9510 or

St. Luke’s is offering 4 church services outdoors in the pavilion: 7am, 9am, 11am and 5pm. Each service has beautiful music, prayers, and preaching. You may also find services and bible study online on St. Luke’s website and Facebook. Reservations are encouraged to attend church outside however, if you forget to make a reservation, please ATTEND ANYWAY!!! There is ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE!

Click here to make a reservation for in-person worship in the Pavilion, or call Stephanie at 205.871.3583. Details for the online services and classes are available in the E-Dialogue.

Noonday Prayers offered on Facebook Live every Monday-Friday by St. Luke’s clergy. Join us!
Jericho Road, the Rev. Rich Webster’s Sunday school class, returns Sunday January 10! Tune in on Facebook Live on Sunday mornings. Join for a live broadcast or watch at a later date on the website in the “archives” section.

Would you or someone you know enjoy a variety packet of art, crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, and jokes? Covid Project Packets are available for pick up or by mail. These weekly packets have
beautiful paintings with prompting questions, various word activities, and art response pages that may
be just what the doctor ordered for filling an afternoon. If you would like to try one, please contact Susie Caffey ( or 802.6218). If you like it, you can receive a packet weekly
or monthly.

Wednesday Night Suppers from St. Luke’s Kitchen , available for curbside pick up, will
resume January 6. Place your order online here or call Stephanie at the front desk. She will be more than happy to take your order and payment (credit or debit card) over the phone. At this time, no cash or checks are accepted for Wednesday night supper . To order, visit the Saint Luke’s website or call 205.871.3583 by noon on Monday. Pick up in the back of St. Luke’s at Maloof (Day School) entrance starting at 4pm.

Friday Lunches from “Good to Go ”is available for curbside lunch pick up each Friday. Menu and prices are enclosed. Pay by cash or check when picking up on Friday . At this time, no credit
cards are accepted for Friday Lunch . Place your order by noon on Wednesday for Friday pick up. To place your order, contact Susie Caffey by noon on Wednesdays: scaffey@saint-luke’ or
205.802.6217. Pick up in front of St. Luke’s under the porte cochere.

January 8
Spaghetti casserole and garlic bread: $12
Tomato Soup: $10/qrt
Chocolate pie: $6
January 15
Cajun Chicken pasta (NOT SPICY) and bread: $13
Hummingbird cake: $6
January 22
Red Beans and Rice with Conecuh sausage: $12
Poppyseed cake: $6
January 29
Chicken Chili with fixings: $15/qrt
Brownie and ice cream: $6