Summer Outreach Update
May 15, 2023

Summer is heating up, and there are a number of outreach
opportunities you can contribute to:

  • Sawyerville Summer Camp: We have reached our goal for protein
    bars- THANK YOU for your generosity! Sawyerville has compiled an Amazon Wish List that will provide needed items for camp. Please shop that list here. Important Note: You will need to check the address “Sawyerville Summer Camp Attn: Kana Goldsmith” when checking out. There are still a few open spots for meals for the staff working this camp in Greensboro. The dates are: June 10, June 14, June 24, and June 27. Please help support our Diocesan youth. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Sign up here to bring a meal. 
  • St. Andy’s Pantry is a ministry of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church,
    feeding about 300 people at each food distribution. Volunteers are
    needed to stock the pantry, check in guests, and hand out the bags.
    Days are Thursdays and Saturdays, every other week. GREAT
    FAMILY OPPORTUNITY!! Sign up here.
  • Greater Birmingham Ministries food distribution: Volunteers are
    needed to help load food bags into cars as folks drive through. The
    next date is Friday, May 19. Sign up here.
  • The Family Promise Director shared a thank you note she had received from a client she is working with through the Homelessness Prevention program, and I wanted to pass on to everyone! ***no changes have been made***

First I would like to start off by saying thank you for the help you guys have provided me in my time of need. It means the world. The last year or so has really been a testimony. It all started August when I lost my dear father. It was and is the most heartbreaking moments of my life. He was my best friend and confident. He showed me love when the world only showed hatred. Everyday I would go by his home just to sit and talk or watch Family Feud or a cowboy movie. Which ever one preferred at that time. So when God decided to bring him home it destroyed me. I lost my way, but as a Mom you still have to keep going. A few months later, I received a water bill for $3,000. This was surprising considering I lived in a single family home. Well there
was a major water leak under the home and we had to move out. The landlord gave me three day to move. In the process of moving out, we notice mold growing on the furniture, clothing, and some other things. I was devastated. Not only was I losing my home, but now most of my personal possessions. So, me and my youngest
child (she is 11 years old) pack what little we could savage and moved into my car. This was my lowest point. With in weeks time, I moved in with family. Never wanted to be a burden on someone so living with them didn’t feel good. I continue to work to make money and occupied my mind. Around the beginning of March I found a home for me and my daughter. She was completely filled joy. A family member let up use a bed until we could do better. Meanwhile, I’m have had weaknesses on my left side ( arm and leg) that has progressively getting worse to the point I was falling. After many doctors appointments and scans, I was told that I had two disks in my neck that where preventing signaling in my spinal cord. This correctional surgery was done on March 28th of this year. So now im out of work and money and bill were still coming in.
Family Promise of Birmingham came and rescued my family. If it had not been for your organization, i just dont know. Your help at that time in my life was a blessing, and I will be internally grateful.

Ms. Rana (I’m not sure if it the correct spelling) is God sent. She talk to me not know how much it meant. I will be grateful all of my life for you guys. Again, thank you for all that you have done on my behalf. Praise be to God for all you do!


Kim Kimberlin
Volunteer Outreach Coordinator