Zoom Book Study Offering with the Rev. Rebecca DeBow

Jan 5, 2021 | Education Opportunities, Saint Luke's Updates

Read Christ on Trial: How the Gospel Unsettles Our Judgement by Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, referencing not only scripture but fiction, media and current events and learn how humanity continues to put Christ on Trial.  Williams’s essays on each gospel’s treatment of the trial of Jesus and our human response is followed by discussion questions and a prayer.   Any questions, contact Rebecca.   If you’d like an invitation to the zoom gathering on Monday evenings from 5:00 to 5:50, beginning January 18, please email Rebecca at  rdebow@saint-lukes.com.  

Question for Moms at work in and out of the home:  Would you like to join a  Working Moms Bible study on zoom with me?  If you are interested, I’m trying to work out a good time to offer the online gathering.  Please contact me with your desire to join and any preferences about the time we meet.  Rebecca DeBow rdebow@saint-lukes.com