St. Luke's Foundation

Committed to the provision and continuation of Saint Luke’s

helping others make a difference

The mission of the Foundation is to manage gifts, memorials, and bequests for St. Luke’s Church for purposes and uses that support the long-term goals and needs of the Church and its facilities. The Foundation shall not be an ever-growing store of funds, but an ever-growing use of funds in support of St. Luke’s.

Foundation History

The Foundation document was signed on July 22, 1974, by Julian Lackey, Wade H. Morton, J.R. McWane, W. T. Cothran, John Jemison, and Tynes Sevier.  The initial contributions to the trust totaled $8,500. In a letter from George Maynard dated September 27, 1996, a resolution was adopted to establish a fund to receive contributions in memory of Andrew Wilson Darnall. With the establishment of this fund and appointing John Darnall as Director, a new enthusiasm for the Trust and funds was gained and the Trust grew from $18,000 in 1995 to approximately $2,000,000 million today. 

In the past ten years, the Foundation has distributed approximately $65,000 a year to various programs, ministries, and charitable organizations throughout the community. In the past ten years, the Foundation distributed approximately $550,000. Current Foundation Trustee members are John P. Darnall, III, Felix Drennen, Cobb Hagan, Jim Hancock, Bill Hinds, Leslie Naff, Ham Poynor, and George Pelekis, church administrator.  The current Sr. Warden and Rector also serve as ex-officio members.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does The Foundation Exist?

The Saint Luke’s Foundation was created in order to further the missions and ministry of the church.

What Expenses Are Excluded From The Foundation's Purpose?

The Foundation is not to be used to defray normally budgeted expense items in the church.

How Are Decisions Made About Foundation Spending?

The Foundation is governed by the trustees of the Foundation. These individuals are responsible for allocating income from the Foundation on an annual basis set out in its mission and for approving distributions of principal, where appropriate. Donors may also direct that funds contributed to the Foundation be spent for specific purposes. The trustees oversee the distribution of all such directed funds. The trustees in turn report to the vestry and the parish about fundraising activities.

How Can I Give To The Foundation?

The Foundation will accept gifts for unrestricted, designated, or memorial purposes. Contact Camille Browning for more information. 

What Kind of Gifts Are Accepted?
  • Stocks, bonds, life insurance, real estate, or other property
  • Gifts under Will
  • Retirement Plan beneficiary designations
  • Life insurance beneficiary designations
  • Charitable Remainder trusts
  • Cash
Read About the 4-Step-Process for Legacy Planning
  • Make current list of assets and how they are owned
  • List your estate planning priorities
  • Talk to advisors to formalize your plan
  • Review and update plan accordingly
What Has the Foundation Given to Previously?
  • Scholarships $200,000
  • Outreach Programs $117,400
  • Founders Place Ministries $73,500
  • Capital Campaigns $69,000
  • Debt Retirement $30,100
  • Youth Programs $22,000
  • Capital Reserve Funds $12,000
  • Norwood Pre-School Program $8,300
  • Organ Repair $7,000