About Saint Luke's

Through God’s grace and guidance

On Easter Sunday, 1949, Saint Luke’s was born in a farmhouse, with a homemade altar, a locomotive bell, and children spilling out into the yard.

From these humble beginnings our church has become one of the largest in our denomination, with a proud legacy of leadership, outreach, and deep friendships within our City and beyond.

And while we are proud of where we’ve been, we keep going. People of all ages and interests are drawn here, called here because Saint Luke’s is a church with passion, passion for worship, passion for purpose, passion for others. We are a big church that plays small because we have a passion for Jesus.

 Services are diverse here, music is fantastic, preaching is current and relatable. Most members move easily between worship times and styles so that the common threads become smiles, holiness, intentionality. We give God our best.

 Please know you are welcome to join us, join the family, join this movement of big-hearted, generous Christians who seek to know Jesus, and take the Gospel into the world beyond our steeple.

We are glad you are here!


The Rev. Richmond R. Webster

(205) 871-3583 x220

The Rev. Rebecca Debow

(205) 871-3583 x202

The Rev. Maurice L. Goldsmith

(205) 871-3583

The Rev. David Hall

(205) 871-3583 x203

The Rev. Dr. Mark LaGory

(205) 871-3583 x205


Camille Browning

Director of Finance & Human Resources 
205-802-6201 ext. 201

Tim Callahan

Director of Youth Formation
205-802-6201 ext. 210

Kate Clinton

Director of Communications
205-871-3583 ext. 215

Betsy Cobb Owenby

Director of Youth Missions & Discipleship
205- 871-3583 ext 210


Erin Davis

Executive Assistant
205-871-3583 ext 200

Sharon Fowler

Staff Accountant & Human Resources Coordinator
205-871-3583 ext 216

Crandall Hillhouse

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Derrick May

Facility Team Member
205-871-3583 ext 222

James May

Facility Coordinator
205-871-3583 ext 222

Kristen Murphree

Director of Saint Luke’s Day School

George Pelekis

Executive Administrator
205-871-3583 ext 204

Shaun Pezant

Artist in Residence
205-871-3583 ext 225

Sandy Porter

Director of Congregational Care
205-871-3583 ext 207

John Scott

Family Ministry / The Word
205-871-3583 ext 230

Stephanie Sierke


Meredith Tracy

Director of Children’s Ministry

Jimmy Tracy

Saint Luke’s Kitchen

Susanna Whitsett

Director, Founders Place

Johnailla Wright

Assistant to the Rector/ Coordinator of Worship & Programs


Vestry Meetings are held the last Monday of each month from 6:00-7:00 pm. Vestry meetings are open to the members of Saint Luke’s unless in Executive Session.

Class of 2020

Livy Abele

Bob Boylan

Tim Callahan

Paul Elliott, Sr. Warden

Susan Logan, Jr. Warden

Ex-Officio Members*- Rich Webster- Rector

Class of 2021

Rebecca Eubanks

Trippe Gray

Norman Jetmundsen, Jr. Warden, Rising Sr. Warden

Norman Tynes

Scarlett Simmons

Appointed Members**- William Nicrosi- Treasurer, Harrison Smith- Clerk, Molly Sheffield Davis- Junior Vestryperson, TBD- Chancellor.


Class of 2022

Reed Avant

Ann Johnson

 Bill Pitts

Krislin Smith

Wayne Trucks