A Letter from the Vestry

Apr 6, 2022 | Stewardship


April 5, 2022

Dear Saint Luke’s Family,

            Your Vestry recently completed a retreat at Camp McDowell where we discussed our church’s past, present, and future.  I want to share some information about our conversations and plans for the future.  Specifically, I would like to focus upon three areas: Fellowship, Service, and Worship.

Fellowship – During COVID, our community and parish family suffered greatly due to isolation and the disruption of our regular routines.  In response, Saint Luke’s created more reasons for our parish family to gather and share time together.  For example, our 10am time slot is filled with options for adults and children to meet and develop a stronger common bond.  By providing breakfast in Claypool Commons each Sunday, our parish family can gather before, during, and after services.  We also have fellowship opportunities during the week with Bible Club, Bridge Club and Study Groups.

Service – As many other churches were forced to limit community service, Saint Luke’s has expanded efforts to serve others.  Wednesday Night Dinner has increased our presence in our community as we provide drive-thru meals each week which is a great way to develop new relationships.  Also, Founders Place continues to grow as we minister to those struggling with memory-loss and their caregivers. 

Worship – Proudly, we continue to meet the spiritual needs of our parish family.  We have services at 8am, 9am, 11am, and 5pm.  We have also invested in technology so we can reach our worshipers at home, at work, and even on vacation.  Jericho Road is a weekly Sunday School class and podcast.  Daily prayers are offered Monday-Saturday at 12 noon via Facebook Live.  The 11am Sunday service is also shared via Facebook Live.  Services are available at any time via our YouTube channel: Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, Birmingham – YouTube. We are committed to bringing Saint Luke’s to people who cannot make it to Saint Luke’s.

            As you can see, your Saint Luke’s Clergy, Staff and Vestry are committed to meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of our parish family.  I hope you will continue to celebrate and support our efforts to be different as God asks us to be different.  As your Senior Warden, I am honored and humbled by our response to the challenge of serving our parish family.  Please share your thoughts with us seniorwarden@saintlukes.com.


Yours in fellowship,

Wayne Trucks

Senior Warden