More than a decade ago members of St Luke’s staff and laity shared a common interest in playing bridge at the church once a week.  Group’s objectives were to:   (1)  Extend an outreach ministry through playing bridge with church- and/or non-church members;   (2)  Offer the opportunity for interested individuals to learn how to play bridge;  (3)  Give experienced bridge players a place to play with other seasoned players.     As time passed the interest in bridge increased.  At the bridge table players experienced JOY!  Laughter resonated from the doors of Tilson Room! There also were times of solemnity when we shared moments of grief as a friend walked through the valley of death or listened attentively with compassion to their friends’ concerns. Thus, bridge truly became a ministry! After COVID lock-downs people hungered for small-group fellowship, to refresh skills and learn new games.  Our rector, keenly aware of loneliness and feelings of isolation within the parish, supported and encouraged expanding Bridge Ministry.  As a result, the ministry now exists under the umbrella of “SOAR Ministry for Mature Adults” and is meeting twice per week!  On Mondays, seasoned players gather for “unsupervised play”.  On Fridays, bridge instruction is led by the delightful and qualified instructor: Jeanne Wamack. The original purposes, defined more than a decade ago by four visionaries and validated by our rector, have reached fruition! JOIN US! Cost is $10 per lesson attended.  All vaccinated players are welcome.

Contact Susanna Whitsett  or 205.802.6217