Jericho Road: Living Water

Aug 3, 2022 | Education Opportunities, Jericho Road, Saint Luke's Updates

Many of us want to read the Bible, but we just don’t know how. As a result, we stick with cherished stories or phrases while another thousand pages goes unread and unloved. This semester, beginning Sunday, August 21, under the theme of living water, we will explore God’s Holy Word together. Seldom encountered people and corners of Scripture with remarkable application and relevance for us today. This study meets in person on Sunday mornings during the 10 o’clock fellowship hour or you can listen via our podcast which releases every Monday morning. To listen, simply search Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church or Jericho Road on your Apple podcast app. To receive emails specific to this semester’s Jericho Road study, please contact

Join us as we study God’s word together in an upcoming Bible study. There are several options, including different days and times to accommodate all schedules. More information is available on the Saint Luke’s website here.