What is Family Promise?

Mar 9, 2022 | Saint Luke's Updates, Service Opportunities

It has been TWO YEARS since we lasted hosted homeless families in our church through Family Promise. Family Promise (FP) is a coalition of 14-16 churches and synagogues that houses homeless families on a rotating basis of one week time periods. In a year, each congregation hosts 3-4 times, providing overnight lodging and meals for up to 4 families, or 14 people. One of the things that sets FP apart from other shelters is that families are able to stay together. (There is only one other agency in Birmingham that allows that) For instance, a mom with an older son could not stay at a women’s shelter, or a dad with kids could not stay at Firehouse. Saint Luke’s began participating in 2005. Outreach coordinator, Kim Kimberlin, works closely with Family Promise and has since 2005. The button below provides more detail about needs and opportunities to serve. We highly encourage you consider serving with us. All roles are suitable for children. Should you have any questions, feel free to email Kim here!