A Word from the Rector: Vestry Slate of 2023

Oct 17, 2022 | Saint Luke's Updates, Stewardship

Dear friends, 

As we approach Vestry elections on October 30, I wanted to remind you of an important change in the Vestry selection process. During our June meeting, our Saint Luke’s Vestry approved our joining other peer Episcopal churches of our size in adopting a “slate” model for the Vestry Class of 2023.

With a slate of five candidates, the congregation is involved through the nominating process, and on the day of the Town Hall Meeting, October 30, the floor will be open for additional nominations. If hearing none, the congregation will be asked to approve the slate as presented by the nominating committee.

There were very good reasons behind this decision, beginning with the fact it has been hard to get people to stand for election. Many are willing to serve on the Vestry, but fewer and fewer want the stress of not being elected. This can potentially leave us with an imbalance of skill sets, experience, genders, ages, and demographics within the parish.

Finally, we are just too big for the old model to work! St George’s, Nashville, adopted this model years ago with great success.

I believe this is a welcome adjustment in our locating and deploying new lay leaders, and giving even more of us an opportunity to serve. 

In light of that, I want to announce the five nominees for our Vestry Slate of 2023: Susan Emack Alison, Derick Belden, Morgan Cook, Tom Garrett, and Bob Methvin. We are grateful for these five individuals and their willingness to serve. In the button seen below you can read a little more about each of these candidates and hear from them individually.

I’m always available for questions, and look forward to a busy and happy Fall Season as we build God’s Kingdom together!

In Christ,